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About PRA Information Services

PRA World Limited (PRA) provides a number of online information services to its members and subscribers, is your access point for those services.

You can use PRA Information Services

  • if your company has subscribed to the Irfab Global Industrial Coatings Markets multi-client study and has asked us to allow you access
  • if your company is a PRA Member: you will be able to use Coatings Online, our online resource referencing technical articles, conference papers and news stories in the coatings industry

More of PRA’s online services will be added to in the near future.

Signing Up for PRA Information Services

To use PRA Information Services you must first sign up.

The process is very simple: we only need you to tell us your email address and choose a password. An email will be sent to your address with a link that will complete your sign up and also sign you in.

We use your email address to match you to your services so it is important that you use your business address.

Navigating in PRA Information Services

There are links for Home, Help (this page) and a drop down settings menu at the top right of the page. The menu has options to change your password and sign out. Clicking on the PRA logo at the top also links to the Home page.

Changing or Resetting Passwords

You can change your password at any time. Select Change Password from the settings menu.

If you forget your password you can reset it. There is also a Forgotten Password? link on the Sign In form. We will ask you for your email address and send you a link that will let you choose a new password.

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