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Signing up to PRA Information Services is simple: just let us know your work email address and choose your password (it needs to score at least three bars on the strength meter) and click ‘Sign Up’. We will send you an email with a link to complete your sign up.

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About Passwords

PRA Information Services uses the zxcvbn password strength checker which is designed to let you use passwords that are easy to remember but hard for computers to guess. Instead of rules like “passwords must contain three of {lower, upper, numbers, symbols},” zxcvbn only asks that your password is complex enough — using a mixture of cases, symbols and digits will help that.

Passwords can contain almost anything. The exceptions are no 'control' characters (like tab or newline) and no consecutive spaces (so ABCDEFGHI would be fine but ABC█ █DEF is invalid). Any leading or trailing spaces are ignored. There is more information about zxcvbn in this blog.

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